I have received several awards recognizing my research, teaching and service activities.

Honorary Doctorate in Science, Mid Sweden University, 2019

This Honorary PhD was awarded to Luciana Duranti for having developed theory and methods for ensuring the reliability, accuracy and authenticity of digital records, and for having created an international network of archival researchers where none existed before: InterPARES (1998-2019).
Inducted Fellow of the Association of Canadian Archivists, 2014

The highest recognition award, Fellows are celebrated and acknowledged for their long-standing service to the Association and the Canadian archival community. (
Inducted Member of the Accademia Galileiana di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti, for research merit. Padua, 13 March 2014

The Accademia Galileiana was founded in Padua in 1599 and is the oldest continuing interdisciplinary academy of researchers (
Best Paper Award for the Preservation Track at the Digital Heritage 2013 Congress, Marseille 2013

Awarded to the paper: Luciana Duranti and Adam Jansen, "Records in the Cloud: Authenticity and Jurisdiction," in Proceedings of the 2013 Digital Heritage International Congress, Marseille, France, 28 October-1 November 2013. Vol. 2 (Paris: IEEE, 2013), pp. 161-164.
ARMA International Educational Foundation Inaugural Award for Academic Excellence, ARMA International, 2012

Awarded to the Master of Archival Studies Program and to me as its Chair for excellence in teaching, research, and contribution to the global citizenry.

Appointed “Affiliated Full Professor” by the iSchool of the University of Washington, Seattle, 16 March 2011. The University of Washington guidelines state: "Appointment with an affiliate rank requires qualifications comparable to those required for appointment to the corresponding rank.  It recognizes the professional contribution of an individual whose principal employment responsibilities lie outside the colleges or schools of the University".

Honorary Life Member of ANORC (Associazione Nazionale Operatori e Responsabili della Conservazione Sostitutiva), 2010

UBC President and Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Stephen J. Toope, presenting the award.
Joseph Biely Faculty Research Prize (2006)
On March 8, 2007, I received the 2006 Joseph Biely Faculty Research Prize. Described as "UBC's premier research award", the prize is awarded annually to one of UBC's outstanding faculty members for a distinguished record of published research by an active researcher. The letter of notification said that my "outstanding contributions, accomplishments and distinguished record of research without a doubt make her a perfect recipient of the 2006 Jacob Biely Research Prize". Vignette from Celebrate Research Gala.

Jessica McDonald, Deputy Minister to the Premier of BC and Cabinet Secretary
BC Innovation Council Frontiers in Research Award (2006)
This award is presented annually to an outstanding British Columbian whose research contributions have led to major new advances in scientific and technological knowledge. I was presented with this award for my leadership role as Director of the InterPARES 1 and 2 Projects and for my work in finding new, innovative approaches to the problem of preserving the authenticity of digital materials over the long-term.
Vignette from BC Innovation Council Awards Gala.

William Benedon, the writer of the first Records Management manual in the US and the oldest Leahy awardee
Emmett Leahy Award (2006)
The Emmett Leahy Award is the highest level of recognition given to a professional records and information manager, and is presented annually to recognize an individual whose contributions and outstanding accomplishments have significantly advanced the records and information management professions. It is presented at the Annual Meeting of the Institute of Certified Records Managers. The award is based on, amongst other things, innovation, education, contributions to the profession, professional and organizational leadership and program development and management. I received the Emmett Leahy Award for introducing diplomatics in the records management body of knowledge and in the archival curriculum, my work on the InterPARES project, my high level of dissemination and publications, and my service to the archival community.

UBC Killam Research Prize in the Senior Art Category (2005)
I was granted this award for my research work in the area of electronic records and for having “generated a community of researchers, international in scope and multidisciplinary in focus, who are addressing issues of digital preservation and authenticity.”

I was granted this award in recognition of my research and teaching in the area of electronic records, including my role in the development of the DoD 5015.2 US Department of Defense Standard and of Model requirements for the management of electronic records..
Dr Fred Cooke

Distinguished Service Award, Society of American Archivists, to the UBC Master of Archival Studies Program (1998)
This was the first time the Distinguished Service Award was given to an education program. It was granted in recognition of the depth and scope of the MAS program, which is now the largest program of its kind in North America. I shared this award with Terry Eastwood, who was at the time the Chair of the MAS Program.

Inducted Fellow of the Society of American Archivists (1998)
The SAA Fellowship is granted to  members of the Society of American Archivists (SAA) who have given outstanding contributions to the archival profession, not only through work in and for the SAA, but also through teaching, research and publication in archival science. It is the highest honour bestowed by the SAA to a member.

W. Kaye Lamb Prize, Association of Canadian Archivists (1990)
The W. Kaye Lamb Prize is awarded to the article that most advances archival thinking and scholarship in Canada; I was granted this award for the first article in my series “Diplomatics: New Uses for and Old Science”, which appeared in Archivaria 28 (1989): 7 – 27.

Oliver Wendell Holmes Award, Society of American Archivists ( 1985)
This award is granted to an overseas archivist who is already in Canada or the United States for training, in order to attend the Society of American Archivists Annual Meeting.