Presentations are an important means for me to interact with members of the archival profession and to disseminate my research; I consider this not only to be an important responsibility but also a means to afford me the opportunity to gather feedback from others. While I have offered workshops to biologists, agronomists, environmentalists, auditors, forensic experts, lawyers, privacy commissioners, cartographers, musicologists, and librarians, I primarily serve my own profession. I have given short intensive courses and presentations on the findings and products of InterPARES to the staff of numerous archival institutions and to the graduate students of many record and archival programs.

The past year's presentations include:

  • 2016, May 15 - Vancouver, B.C. Canadian Association of Law Libraries (CALL/ACBD), 2016 Annual Conference. Speaker on "The Law of Evidence in the Digital Environment"
  • 2015, November 10-13 - Zagreb, Croatia. 5th International Conference on the Future of Information Sciences (INFuture) "INFuture 2015: E-Institutions: Openness, Accessibility and Preservation." "Cyberspace: A Communal Space or A Space of Separation?"
  • 2015, September 7-10 - Budapest, Hungary. APEx International Conference "Official Opening of the European Archives Portal." Keynote Speaker on "Full Steam Ahead: Meeting the Trust Challenge."
  • 2015, June 29 - Pavia, Italy. PROCEDAMUS International Seminar. Speaker on "The questions of digital preservation: what, where, when, by whom?"
  • 2015, June 26 - Marburg, Germany. Archieschule. Open lecture on the "Prelimary findings of InterPARES Trust."
  • 2015, April 13-14 - Rovereto, Italy. International Congress on "The Right To Be Forgotten." Speaker on "Involuntary Permanence."
  • 2015 April 11 - Padua. Italy. Accademia Galileiana. Open Lecture on "Nuove frontiere dell'archivistica contemporanea."
  • 2015, April 10 - Cortona, Italy. International Conference, "From ink and paper to the cloud. The European correspondence of Jacob Burckhardt." Speaker on "The Cloud as a Place for Documentary Memory."
  • 2015, March 12 - Milan, Italy. IFLA Preservation and Conservation Section. International Seminar on Digital Curation. Speaker on "Memory Institutions in the Digital Environment: Challenges and Opportunities."
  • 2015 February 25 - Seattle, WA. University of Washington. School of Information. Ed Mignon Distinguished Lecturer. Lecture on "The Concept of Place in a Digital World: Does The 'Where' Still Matter?"
  • 2015 January 27 - Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. National Archives, International Symposium on Permanent Records in an M-Government Environment. Do digital records have a future? Keynote on "Permanent Records in a Digital Society."

I have also contributed as an organiser to:

  • 2015, October 22-23 - Tacoma, WA. University of Washington at Tacoma. 3rd International Conference on Cloud Security Management (ICCSM). Chair of the Records and Archives Track.
  • 2015, Sept. 28-Oct. 2 - Granada, Spain. International Conference on Digital Heritage. Chair of the thematic area on Theories, Methodologies, Preservation and Standards.