Presentations are an important means for me to interact with members of the archival profession and to disseminate my research; I consider this not only to be an important responsibility but also a means to afford me the opportunity to gather feedback from others. While I have offered workshops to biologists, agronomists, environmentalists, auditors, forensic experts, lawyers, privacy commissioners, cartographers, musicologists, and librarians, I primarily serve my own profession. I have given short intensive courses and presentations on the findings and products of InterPARES to the staff of numerous archival institutions and to the graduate students of many record and archival programs.

The past year's presentations include:

  • 2018, August 20 – Berlin, Germany. "Sustainability of Digital Heritage Preservation." Speaker.
  • 2018, July 2 – Roma, Italy. Procedamus. Annual Conference of University Archivists. Keynote on "Preservation in the Cloud Environment."
  • 2018, June 7-10 – Edmonton, AB. Association of Canadian Archivist Annual Conference. Presidential Address on "Trust, Truths and Technology."
  • 2018, April 25-27 – Bangy, Malaysia. International Conference on Cloud Computing. Keynote speaker on the "Findings of InterPARES Trust."
  • 2018, April 18-20 – Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia. International Conference From Parchment to figure. Keynote Speaker on "Digital archive: completeness, credibility, safety."
  • 2018, March 2 – Bellingham, WA. Canadian-American archival Conference "Archival Networking in the Digital Era." Keynote Speaker on "Developing Archival Science Through Interdisciplinary International Research Networks."
  • 2017, December 5 – Cape Town, South Africa. International Conference on Preservation in the Cloud. Keynote Speaker, "Preservation as a Service for Trust."
  • 2017, December 4 – Cape Town, South Africa. International Seminar on Digital Archives. Speaker on "Authenticity in an Online Environment."
  • 2017, November 30 – Brussels, Belgium. Hector Research Program International Symposium. Keynote Speaker, "International Collaborative Research: the Case of InterPARES Trust."
  • 2017, November 27 – Mexico City. International Congress on Archives (ICA) and ALA Joint Conference Archives, Citizenship and Interculturalism. Keynote Speaker on "An Infrastructure for Truth."
  • 2017, November 5 – Tehran, Iran. Third National Congress of the Library and Information Science Association (ILISA) on "Written Heritage, Digital Heritage". Keynote speaker on "Entrusting Facts to Archival Theory: Documentary Truth in a Networked Environment."
  • 2017, September 10-20 – Stockholm, Sweden. International Conference on What Happened to the Truth Infrastructure? Keynote speaker on "Whose Truth? Records and Archives as Evidence of Facts and Acts."
  • 2017, August 29-September 2 – Manchester, UK. Archives and Records Association Annual Conference. Speaker on "Globalization and the Archive Profession."
  • 2017, June 27 -28 – Perugia, Italy. Procedamus Annual Conference. Speaker on "Trusting Records and Archives."
  • 2017, June 8 – Ottawa, Canada. Association of Canadian Archivists Annual Conference. Presidential Address on "Professional Identity."
  • 2017, May 15 – Geneva, Switzerland. The International Federation of Red Cross and Crescents. "The Findings of InterPAREs Trust."
  • 2017, May 10 – Girona, Spain. City of Girona. Speaker, "Public Records in a Cloud Environment."
  • 2017, May 8 – Roma, Italy. Banca D’Italia. Speaker, "Preserving Records in a Cloud Environment."
  • 2017, April 28 – Victoria, B.C. 2017 Vancouver Island Library Staff Conference "Open and Inclusive." Keynote speaker, "The Value of Public and Private Archives in the Post-Truth Era."
  • 2017, April 22 – Beijing, China. International Conference on Trusting Records in the Cloud Environment. Keynote Speaker, "The Findings of InterPARES Trust."