Presentations are an important means for me to interact with members of the archival profession and to disseminate my research; I consider this not only to be an important responsibility but also a means to afford me the opportunity to gather feedback from others. While I have offered workshops to biologists, agronomists, environmentalists, auditors, forensic experts, lawyers, privacy commissioners, cartographers, musicologists, and librarians, I primarily serve my own profession. I have given short intensive courses and presentations on the findings and products of InterPARES to the staff of numerous archival institutions and to the graduate students of many record and archival programs.

The past year's presentations include:

  • 2019, July 5 – Roma, Italy. Scuola del Patrimonio. Lecture on "Gli Archivi Digitali e le Sfide della Conservazione."
  • 2019, June 24-29 – Singapore. SARBICA International Symposium for the National Archives of Singapore (NAS) Golden Jubilee Rethinking Archives: Reframing Boundaries, Imagining Possibilities. Keynote Speaker on "Trusting Records" and Workshop Presenter on the findings of InterPARES Trust.
  • 2019, May 16 – London, England. University College London. Annual "Jenkinson Lecture." Speaker on "Jenkinson Disrupted."
  • 2019, May 14 – Vatican City, Vatican. Annual "Pope Francis Lecture." Speaker on "Authenticity and Disruptive Technologies."
  • 2019, May 3 – Monterey Bay, CA. California State University, School of Business and the Institute for Innovation and Economic Development at CSU-MB. Lecture on "Security is the New Authenticity" for the "IT Security" course.
  • 2019, April 15 – Vancouver, B.C. UBC and Freie Universität Berlin, International workshop on "Cultural Sustainability." Speaker on the "Preservation of Digital Documentary Heritage."
  • 2019, April 5 – Roma, Italy. Associazione Nazionale Archivistica Italiana (ANAI) Annual Conference on "Professioni e associazioni al tempo della trasformazione digitale". Keynote speaker.
  • 2019, February 18 – Havana, Cuba. Casa de las Américas, International Conference on the Impact of InterPARES on Caribbean and Latin America Countries. Keynote Speaker on "InterPARES Research Collaboration Across Continents."
  • 2018, December 10 – Roma, Italy. Biblioteca Nazionale, International Symposium on the Findings of InterPARES Trust. Keynote Speaker on "20 Years of InterPARES."
  • 2018, October 17-19 – Singapore. The Australian and New Zealand College of Notaries (ANZCN) 2018 Conference on The electronic future is now! Keynote speaker on "Records in the Cloud: Documentary Truth in a Networked Environment."
  • 2018, September 17 – Vancouver, B.C. Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Knowledge in Motion: FAU Research Alumni Meeting, organized by Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg under the auspices of the sponsorship programme "Research Alumni Meetings Abroad," Speaker on: "A Digital Infrastructure for Transparency and Accountability."